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The orchestra has always been the first port of call for film producers requiring authentic soundtracks for international movies.

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra has recorded music for the following movies:

“Comedian Harmonists”


by Joseph Vilsmaier featuring Ben Becker, Katja Riemann, Heino Ferch



directed by Andrew V. McLaglen, starring Brooke Shields, Horst Buchholz

“Just a Gigolo”


featuring David Bowie und Marlene Dietrich (her last on screen appearance)

Tour Dates

Fri, Jul. 25th
  • Brentford

Sat, Jul. 26th
  • Inverurie Jazz Festival - Inverurie - Buy Tix

Sun, Jul. 27th

Mon, Jul. 28th
  • Nordeney

Tue, Jul. 29th